Friday, 16 November 2012

You're a Paleo-Game cultist, too.

Hello, my name is Mojo and I just started blogging this month. My blog is called the Neckbeard Chronicles, even though I'm not really much of a neckbeard. I write about a number of things, but Paleo diets and Game are not among them. I don't follow the Paleo diet in real life, nor do I attempt to pass myself off as any kind of PUA or Game practitioner, beyond the basics everyone should know by now (i.e. don't be a supplicating wuss around women you plan to sleep with).

I came across the Black Pill blog, which specializes in attacking other manosphere blogs on the grounds that they belong to a secretive cult called the Paleo-Game cult. I find this all rather suspect and wrote a post suggesting that they may be feminists attempting to divide and discredit the manosphere.

In response to this, the people behind the blog called me a member of the Paleo-Game cult. Which isn't surprising, since they call everyone who disagrees with them a member of the Paleo-Game cult. They also think that Paleo-Game cult members are extremely paranoid and delusional for not believing in the Paleo-Game cult.

Now White & Nerdy has taken it a step further and made a post about it in my honor:
The Paleo-Game Cult is falling apart. Another reason why the Paleo-Game Cult is falling apart is because of their paranoid delusions about anyone who disagrees with them.


I have been accused of being a feminist troll and running a false flag operation. This guy has also lied by saying that I have called for the elimination of women and lied by saying that Alek is a virgin. [W&N linked to my blog here - ed] We’re already at the point where disagreeing with the Paleo-Game Cult no matter how much or how little you disagree with them gets you labeled a “feminist troll” and someone who is running a “false flag operation” on top of the many other lies they will make up about you.


While the Paleo-Game Cult was always extremely paranoid, these examples show us how the Paleo-Game Cult is becoming even more paranoid. Anyone who has even a minimal disagreement with these people will be attacked as “disinfo shill” or “government agents”. They’re even doing it to their fellow paleo dieters. They’re getting ready to attack MRAs with these lies. How long will it be until MRAs like PMAFT or Elusive Wapiti become the recipient of these attacks? Not long, and this will be another reason the Paleo-Game Cult will die. Being attacked as a “government agent” or a sockpuppet isn’t going to be tolerated by the larger group of MRAs and will only serve to isolate the Paleo-Game Cult from everyone else bringing to the cult closer to complete and total irrelevance and death.
Despite having been around for all of three weeks, and having never discussed the Paleo diet or Game, W&N thinks my criticism of The Black Pill is evidence that I am a Paleo-Game cult member, and that the Paleo-Game cult is becoming more paranoid. Genuine MRAs like PM/AFT and The Elusive Wapiti aren't going to be attacked as false flag feminists, because they're obviously not. The clue is in the fact that they don't spend all their time attacking other manosphere sites.

Also, I didn't lie about anything in my post - all I did was quote W&N and AlekNovy, then respond to it. Go and check yourself using the links above. So that makes W&N not only paranoid and delusional, but an outright liar, too - everything he calls anyone who disagrees with him. This is either pure projection or pure feminist trolling.

Things get really crazy in the comments to the post. Since I was being slandered, I waded in to ask how I could be a member of the Paleo-Game cult when I don't post about Paleo or Game. W&N responded with the following gem, which doesn't at all suggest pathological narcissism and a persecution complex:
If you’re really have nothing to do with game or the paleo diet, then you wouldn’t be so invested in disagreeing with me.
So even if you have nothing to do with Game or the Paleo diet, you can still be a member of the Paleo-Game cult, if you disagree with W&N about anything. This is exactly how feminists act with their equally false concept of patriarchy. If you ever criticize a feminist on anything, then you're a patriarch, or if you're a woman, you're brainwashed by the patriarchy. W&N's accusations that people belong to the Paleo-Game cult works on exactly the same principle.

A commenter named ybm also attacked me for questioning how I could be a Paleo-Game cultist when I don't talk about or defend either Paleo or Game. His response was not to address my question, but to call me a "conspiracy theory nutbag" and a "racist, reactionary, flawed, nutrition obsessed stooge." Name-calling rather than addressing legitimate concerns - another sure sign that these people are feminists. Even when in disguise, they aren't able to discuss issues like normal, rational people.

Finally, a commenter named Grizzly implied that, since I link to people who discuss the Paleo diet, racism and Game, I must by necessity also support these things. Which doesn't really make sense since I also link to the Black Pill and clearly don't agree with them, so obviously I don't just agree with everything I link to. Also, a lot of the blogs I link to often disagree with each other, so it would be impossible for me to agree with them all about everything.

I defended myself by stating that I am interested in subjects beyond men's rights, which is why I link to those blogs. Grizzly responded:
You have interests like game, racism, and all around kookery. Therefore you’re a part of the Paleo-Game cult.
Apparently that's all it takes - you just have to be interested in the subjects, you don't even need to agree with them. We're all Paleo-Game cultists now.

As I said in my last post on the subject, I fully accept the 'Paleo-Game cultist' label because there's no such thing, and to make fun of W&N, AlekNovy, and the rest of the idiots at the Black Pill.

- Mojo

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