Friday, 16 November 2012

The good men rejects.

Never shall I earnestly proclaim that I am a "good man." Nor that I am trying to become a "good man."

(We all know this is the metric by which women attempt to measure us, and a woman is a poor measure of a man.)

I am simply man. Like nearly all people, I have too many and varying, sometimes conflicting, emotions, temperaments, stimuli, desires, fears and ambitions to be either "good" or "evil." Like nearly all others, I am too complex to be reduced in this way.

At times, I will do things that some will find offensive, even unethical (by their metric). I might refuse to be held accountable for my conduct. I might even tell you to go fuck yourself.

Man is the embodiment of masculinity; masculinity is the essence of man. Beautiful, honorable, immutable masculinity. Not traditional, but transcendent. It is not a phenomenon that can be thrown away or consigned to history. It is fact, it simply is, it remains for as long as men do.

Man may not be strictly "good," nor is he strictly "bad." Virtue cannot exist unless it has vice to run up against, to test it. This is the mistake idealists, utopians and social engineers make; the world without potential for sin is the world without moral choices, thus the world without morality at all.

What man has, if not goodness or badness, is staying power.

A message then, to all those who despise men - not just openly misandric bigots, but those who want to change men, to modify us or our "culture," to make us more like this and less like that:

We ain't going nowhere and you'd better get used to that.

- Mojo

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