Friday, 16 November 2012

The blue pill is strong in this one.

Apparently, some radical feminist who wrote nasty screeds about killing and mutilating men and boys committed suicide. This is unconfirmed (if Paul Elam has any real evidence then he's not sharing).

Witness the 'red pill MRAs' of A Voice for Men lamenting the loss of this sweet, pure, angelic angel in the comments.

This is why your movement isn't getting anywhere, guys - you're not angry enough.

You're not even close. You're not even close to close. You just ask for coercive, anti-male behavioral codes when the death of a dangerous, extremist misandrist is met with tears and sympathy rather than joyous laughter.

And you think you're the red pill takers? Pfft. You guys are still popping blues. It's one thing to not dance on a grave, quite another to wail about the terrible tragedy the world has suffered because one poor innocent little girl didn't get the help she needs.

Oh, cruel world! R.I.P. princess.

Get a fucking grip, guys. If this isn't a hoax, we're one monster down. The red pill reaction looks more like this:

Think this is in bad taste? Then perhaps you'd like to read a sample of Femitheist's Divine's writings:
We must show men that they are worthless and useless, like lapping dogs at our heels. Begging, starving, dying, and whining up to the hand that feeds – our hand. Yet, we will not feed them. We will slap them down, and throw them outside to die.
We will re-define the world, and create am ambience which utterly loathes and abhors everything that is male, and embraces and loves everything that is female.


We destroy everything about them that is male. We pacify, we condemn, we castrate, we feminize, and we lessen them enough so that they are more susceptible to our justified vengeance and wrath than they already are. This is happening now, and it will continue in the future.


Along with men, we shall eliminate the handicapped, and the disabled (any form, mental or physical), including the abominations that are “intersexual” people, commonly, and incorrectly, referred to as hermaphrodites. Eugenics is the future, and not only are these types of people an economic, mental, physical and emotional strain on themselves and others, generating misery for all around them, but they are a blemish to the genetics of humankind. We will take our evolution into our own hands, and we will rid the world of all vermin.

Homosexual men, for being the greatest of misogynists by being naturally inclined to hate women and find them unattractive, shall be put to death. There will be no exceptions, ever. Even for a man who is only partially skewed. They are all bound forever to the collective. Every individual male, offender or inoffensive, will be judged by the actions of the greatest perpetrators.


We will keep a small portion of men alive, so that when young girls ask: “Were they truly as horrible as you say?”, we can show them the hideous beasts, which live like rats in the darkest of cellars and subsurface prisons.

We will keep them for breeding, until they are too old to breed, and we will put them to death when their purpose has been fulfilled. They will not be educated, and they will be fed the bare minimum, with proficient restraints to keep them in their place. Their own access to anyone other than themselves will be for the purpose of sample collections, and nothing more.


And, for women who are forever indoctrinated, or mentally ill, there will be no protection by these claims. If they cannot be reformed or treated, they will be sentenced to death. There is no excuse for it. It is a sad loss, but it is necessary to create the New World.
There's more - a lot more - but it just goes on and on like this so there's no point in adding to the copypasta.

But this post is in bad taste, right? It sure is a tragedy that this atrocious human being is no longer alive, right MRAs?

- Mojo

Addendum. Mental illness is no defence. I am sick of seeing it claimed that because this person may have suffered from some sort of personality disorder (which, like the suicide itself, is unconfirmed), then she is absolved of responsibility for her own actions. BPD or not, she was clearly in control of her actions. She was of sound enough mind to articulate her hatred and to publish it online for the world to see what radical feminism looks like. It's amazing to see 'red pill MRAs' playing the old feminist game of denying women agency to allow them to escape accountability.

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