Friday, 16 November 2012

Take The Purple Pill: The GayLeo-Flame Cult

When I started this blog, I never envisaged having multiple authors. But a longtime reader and avid fan of the Chronicles emailed me begging to let him write. He told me that he has some shocking revelations about the manosphere, and after giving it some thought, I agreed. Without further ado, here's Pale & Dorky.

- Mojo

I am using the pseudonym Pale & Dorky to avoid being identified. Identified by whom, you might be asking. Well, that's just the thing. You never know who might be one of them. They can disguise their IPs, use pseudonyms, and may even be capable of shapeshifting.
Who am I talking about? The GayLeo-Flame Cult, of course. They are operating throughout the manosphere, on many different sites, exploiting people like myself and my compatriot AlexNobody. They do this derailing all discussions relating to men's rights and covertly introducing new topics - such as homosexuality, astrology, and arson.

This is why I have given them the name The GayLeo-Flame Cult. And make no mistake about it, they are a cult. They believe unquestioningly in these beliefs. They are deluded, brainwashed, zombie-like followers of the homosexual lifestyle, horoscopes, and setting fire to buildings. They will viciously attack anyone who questions their cultlike beliefs, or who tries to steer the conversation back towards men's rights.
How can you recognize a GayLeo-Flame Cultist? It's simple: they defend, discuss, mention or link to homosexuality, astrology and arson, or any sites discussing or mentioning these subjects. This includes anyone who doubts the existence of the GayLeo-Flame Cult. It's definitely real and only a GayLeo-Flame Cultist would deny that.

When the SPLC attacked the manosphere, why did they do this? Because of our close links to people promoting gays, astrology, and arson, of course. And WE FUCKING GIVE THESE PUBLICATIONS THE AMMO, by linking to them and talking about them. You can bet that another hit piece is in the works because of our links to the GayLeo-Flame Cult.
However, there is hope. I believe that the GayLeo-Flame Cult is on the verge of death and total irrelevance. Why? Because the things it promises simply don't work, and soon all MRAs will realize this and rise up to overthrow the GayLeo-Flame Cult. The GayLeo-Flame Cult promises that you will improve your life by becoming gay, reading horoscopes, and committing arson, but none of this is true. I predict that the GayLeo-Flame Cult will finally fall within 6 months.
Until then, however, we must all take the purple pill. The 'red pill,' you see, is just another blue pill, and so is the 'black pill.' The only true red pill is the purple pill. This is the pill that you take when you realize most manosphere sites are full of GayLeo-Flame Cultists and people who disagree with me.
See the links on the right of the screen for a partial list of GayLeo-Flame Cult sites. It is incomplete and constantly expanding since the reach of the GayLeo-Flame Cult is very extensive. Please add your own in the comments.
Peace out, and remember to take the purple pill.
- Pale & Dorky

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