Friday, 16 November 2012

Search keywords.

Here is a sample of Google searches that have brought people to my blog:

I guess my blog just exudes Internet tough guy for so many people to end up here after searching for it. What I find amazing is 1) that two separate people both searched for "masturbation super happy fun time," and 2) that they ended up here.

To answer the question one visitor posed: it varies. If I'm in a rush or might be disturbed then no, I don't do it naked. I may have to suddenly pull my pants up and try to seem like I wasn't doing anything immoral, so I can't afford to take my clothes off entirely. I don't recall this ever happening. Although, I would almost certainly have repressed the experience of being caught jacking off, so I can't say with any certainty that it hasn't.

I do it naked before going to sleep, since I sleep naked anyway. So there's the answer to your question, anonymous visitor. I hope it is to your satisfaction.

For the clingy gf meme, see here. I don't know anything about a pure purple party pill, but I like the thought of people stumbling onto Pale & Dorky's post without knowing any of the context.

- Mojo

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