Friday, 16 November 2012

MRAs would lay wreaths at Hitler's bunker.

Matt Forney has posted in agreement with me about the radfem suicide thing and how goddamn pathetic it is for anyone to feel sorry for her. Someone also linked to my blog on r/mensrights for the first time, calling me a "contradictory blogger" trying to blame MRAs for something or other.

I'm now basically convinced that the suicide was a hoax (the site Matt links to can be updated by anyone), although I do not believe the feminazi herself was a mere 'persona.' She's just abandoning the blog because MRAs gave her hell.

And that's what I thought was great about this whole thing - unlike Matt Forney, I genuinely appreciate the activism of Paul Elam and the others at A Voice for Men. My disappointment stemmed from the reaction of the MRA community following the reported radfem suicide.

Here was a radfem whose ideology was essentially the equivalent of Nazism - perhaps worse - and who saw fit to dehumanize and write atrocious things about half the human race, then expressed surprise at people objecting to her views.

MRAs, you not only piled onto her blog to attack, you tracked down her identity and employer, got her fired, and cost her any future employment by ensuring that her genocidal ravings shall forever be tied to her name. Your merciless hounding of this bona fide femi-Nazi put her in such a dark place that the only way out, as far as she could see, was to end her life.

That sounds like textbook FTSU to me.

But then, rather than celebrate your epic victory over the forces of evil, you began BAWWW'ing about how all life is precious and nobody deserves such a fate!

A little perspective is in order. This is the game feminists have been running on men for decades. Pin unacceptable, politically incorrect views to him, slander his character, get him fired, maybe put him in prison, and cripple his chances of any future employment, or of access to his kids, etc.

I scarcely need to remind any of you about the high male suicide rate.

My only reaction to the news of a radfem suicide was to hope that other radfems find the strength to honestly self-appraise and then eat a bullet like their spiritual and ideological progenitor.

Everyone was so quick to call the radfem a sick sack of scum while she was alive. What changed when she became (allegedly) a dead sick sack of scum? Alive or dead, sick sacks of scum are not deserving of sympathy. I for one am not a Nazi sympathizer.

The reaction of MRAs at places like A Voice for Men and r/mensrights makes me think that most MRAs would lay wreaths at Hitler's bunker upon hearing of his suicide. All life is precious, right guys?

Go back to my last post on the radfem's suicide and read what she says about how feminists are weakening men, making them less then they are, so that they are more susceptible to the final wrath of women.

Now ask yourself what that means when your reaction to her reported death is to mourn her.

That is how much they have already weakened you - you are all still playing the chivalrous gents, seeing her suicide as some great tragedy rather than a cause for relief and celebration.

Apologising? Trying to deflect responsibility? That just shows how pussified you've already become. How submissive and grovelling they have made you in preparation for their 'final vengeance' - which obviously won't ever actually happen; but they're still trying to pacify you.

Ritalin, harassment lawsuits, family courts - do I need to remind you guys of all this stuff? They use the force of state - omnipotent and unconquerable - to pacify and weaken men. That wasn't some future plan that the radfem dreamed up. She was quite explicit that this is already going on.

Don't be a pussy. Man up and go on the offensive. Expose those radfems. We have more names, courtesy of Agent Orange. Do not turn the other cheek, like Jesus; be like the epic hero Achilles, slayer of the Amazons!

You guys are honing the craft of Fucking Their Shit Up. Keep it up, and more importantly, own it.

- Mojo

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  1. No one deserves to die for exercising her right to free speech. Even if that speech is horrible. I guess you're a pro-death penalty tard.