Thursday, 15 November 2012


I've got a couple of big posts coming up, including one that is actually about important shit and will probably go up tomorrow.

I don't have anything for today, but since I haven't missed a day so far in my blog's nine-day run, here's some of the best posts I've read over the last week or so:

Alkibiades: "Conversations with a Best Man"

Andy Nowicki: "Manning Down"

Atticus: "The Crazy Train"

Bill Powell: "There's something wrong"

Bronan the Barbarian: "Attack Of The Flake-O-Saurus," "Trolling Dumbasses On Facebook"

Captain Capitalism: "Applying the 'Well Rounded' Argument to Fathers," "'Feminism' is a Luxury"

Chuck Rudd: "It Won't Stop," "Tinley Park 5 Updates"

Elusive Wapiti: "Resistance Is Futile," "The Real Pay Gap"

Fidelbogen: "The Necessary Metamorphosis of the MRM"

Firepower: "Gaming Married Women - For 20-Year-Olds"

Ian Ironwood: "Alpha Move: Break the Television and Play a Game"

Jack Donovan: "God's Lonely Man"

John the Other: "AO, feminist lies, and trans-activists," "Logic should not be transexual kryptonite"

Laura Grace Robins: "Facebook Shows Women's True Colors"

Maggie McNeill: "Pick a Color," "The Suppression of Virtue"

Matt Forney: "Forget the Past and Just Say Yes"

Mindweapon: "Email exchange with a leftist"

MRDA: "Sweet land of... conformity?"

Nick Pickles: "The Communications Data Bill - we are all suspects now," "Argyll and Bute Council seek to silence 9 year old blogger"

OneSTDV: "Arguing with Passionate Liberals is Pointless"

The Private Man: "Outcome Independence - Find Her Flaw"

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech: "Feminists Really Think Potty Training Oppresses Women"

Rob Fedders: "Social Strategy: Why Men Shouldn't Argue with Women"

Robert St. Estephe and Paul Elam: "The original feminazis? Fake rape cases - 1945"

Roosh: "Why Feminism In America Will Die"

Schopenbecq: "Daily Mail - Child Abuse Stalks the Land!!!!"

Steve Harris: "Sudden touch"

Surface Running: "A simple test," "My life in kilogrammes"

VK: "Racism and Game"

W. F. Price: "Judge’s Apology to Children Lays Out Logic of Family Court"


Unrelated - a video I stumbled onto that gives some insight into the youth of today and their ability to be identically unique, and the inability of their fathers to beat their asses back into line:

I do however appreciate the kid when he says "society's driving me crazy." It's all in the delivery.

- Mojo

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