Thursday, 15 November 2012

Liberals clueless as to why the working class hates them.

The Guardian is home to some of the worst examples of filth in modern British society - overpaid sociologists, atheist zealots, man-hating feminists, and sanctimonious puritans can be found ensconced in its pages, among other chattering degenerates. Never mind the Sun, with its harmless page three girls, or the Mail, with its profit-driven moral panics; the Guardian is the publication most truly deserving of the epithet gutter press.

On Tuesday, Guardianista Jonathan Haidt pondered why "working class people" (ugh) continue to vote against liberal interests. Jonathan seems to take it for granted that liberal interests are also working class interests - presumably because liberals are such nice and caring people, especially towards their inferiors, such as the primates who inhabit the lower social strata.

While Haidt avoids the popular leftist idea that poor conservatives are 'brainwashed' by the rich, the comments beneath the piece reveal the contempt the Guardianista class typically reserves for manual workers:
it's because of genetic make-up partially, (environment-geneticism et al), and also because it is a simplistic and understandable message. [771 recommends]

the blue-collar workers are easily swayed by what their favourite newspaper or tv show tells them to believe?! :D Or too busy watching X factor/dancing/whatever reality show of their choice, they don't really care? So long as the price of beer doesn't go up?! [435 recommends]

Some working class men don't want everyone's situation to improve - they just want theirs to. And when they see any benefit being 'handed out' to 'undeserving' people, they get angry [461 recommends]

Workers voting for the right is a clear demonstration of Marx's concept of false consciousness imposed upon a lumpenproletariat by the Capitalist class, all part of the wider class-war. [241 recommends]

The majority of them seem to have only a handful mental categories to decipher the stimulus they receive from reality, and in fact they live in a parallel world of their own. I wouldn't interpret their voting behaviour as the product of some kind of rational analysis of reality. [343 recommends]
Yes, that's it. According to the NuLeft, the working class - sorry, lumpenproletariat - are just angry men who don't want to see anyone else's situation improve, are incapable of using reason or interpreting reality, care about nothing but the price of beer, and are stupid because they're genetically inferior.

Gee, I can't think of a single reason why they're not voting for you in their mouth-breathing, beer-swilling hordes.

The intelligentsia continues:
It's a combination of left letting itself down , through its lack of confidence / forthrightness.
No, you dumb fuck, it's the outright arrogance and sanctimony of the left that alienates working people!

The left abandoned the working class sometime in the 80s, if not before, and started building a rainbow coalition of interests that aren't conservative. This can work as a short-term strategy - New Labour in 1997, Obama in 2008 - but it's based on a total misunderstanding of what the right wing actually is.
The right is basically equivalent to Satan in liberal cosmology. The only true conservatives are rich sadists who want to turn the clock back to feudal times and enslave us all just so they can laugh at our pain. It follows that nobody else would ever vote conservative, since they have nothing to gain from this arrangement. Therefore, working class people would only vote conservative because they've been tricked - and they've been tricked because they're congenitally stupid untermenschen.
(Leftists, of course, are way too S-M-R-T to be tricked into supporting a creed that is responsible for enslaving and murdering millions of people.)
The problem with this view of the right is: it's wrong. Rainbow coalitions might hold together for a few years, out of sheer goodwill and novelty, but fissures will soon emerge. Immigrant families from Eastern cultures are often more socially conservative than the homegrown kind. They have little tolerance for gay rights and transformative justice. And surprisingly enough, they don't tend to think too highly of multiculturalism or assimilating to the host culture. Farewell, feminism.
Amidst all the horse-trading of progressive raison d'etres, who loses out the most? The workers, who no longer have anyone representing their interests. They're skeptical of mass immigration - not because they're racist simpletons, but because they have to compete with new migrants, who were seemingly imported for the fuck of it, for a shrinking number of jobs. They've seen the streets they grew up on and the culture they loved change irrevocably. To top it all off, new migrants benefit from preferential hiring and are able to access public services ahead of indigeneous Britons.
Similarly, how does women's long march through culture help working class men? Men still shoulder the expectation to be the breadwinner, only they now have to compete for jobs against women as well as other men. Women aren't burdened with equivalent expectations, yet benefit from preferential hiring nonetheless.
As for gay rights and fat acceptance and all the rest - viewed from the breadline, these come across as the petty conceits of an idle bourgeoisie. None of the supposed 'allies' in the left's rainbow coalition will ever seek solidarity with the working class - and all the special treatment lavished on special classes of people leaves workers cold.
The working class didn't betray you, Guardianistas. You betrayed them with your identity politics and your fetishization of equality, diversity, and hypersensitivity.
That's why working class people vote conservative. As false as the proclamations of all politicians may be, at least conservatives lament Britain That Was, the one that existed before the left fucked it all up. Rightist rhetoric about curbing immigration doesn't appeal to working class people because they're easily misled haters - it appeals to them because curbing immigration would actually benefit them in some tangible way, unlike more affirmative action and red tape.
At the very least, they vote for right-wing parties as a 'fuck you' to the left. Or they just don't vote at all - voter turnout has dropped significantly since the turn of the century. Disaffection with mainstream politics fuels violently anti-establishment fringe groups like the working class English Defence League.
And guess what? It's all the fault of the left for pushing the workers down to the bottom of the identity totem pole. The left had the workers on side throughout the 20th century, and then abruptly decided to smash the power of the unions and collect every malcontent they could find under one umbrella. Liberalism's true contempt for labor is never more apparent than when laborers refuse to do what they're told - their political incorrectness, liberals sneer, results from poor breeding.
I didn't write this to defend conservatives or the working class. I wrote this because I despise hypocrisy, and hypocrisy is rife nowhere more than among the Guardianista left. I want them to own up to their mistakes. I want them to admit that they're wrong. I want them to acknowledge that their politics are motivated by greed and hate, not compassion as they claim.
I won't hold my breath.
- Mojo the Neckbeard

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