Friday, 16 November 2012

Jumped-up public school radfem vs. gay conservative: FIGHT!!!

(Note for my American readers: in the UK, for some retarded reason, we refer to private schools as 'public schools,' and public schools as 'state schools.')

From the Times (£), reposted here:
Starkey, speaking at the Sunday Times Festival of Education at Wellington college in Berkshire, first sparked an angry reaction from a female audience member when he said a group of Asian men in Rochdale convicted of grooming white girls for sex had values that were “entrenched in the foothills of the Punjab or wherever it is” and that they needed to be “inculcated in the British ways of doing things”.

The row erupted again when the woman in the audience, Laurie Penny, a radical blogger and journalist, joined Starkey on a panel discussion of Britishness.

Penny, who was taught by Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington, when she was a pupil at one of his previous schools, accused Starkey of “playing xenophobia and national prejudice for laughs”.

She continued — to shouts of “keep going, keep going” from the audience — making an argument about Starkey’s tax status.

After she sat down, the Cambridge historian, known for his television programmes about the Tudors, walked over to her, jabbed his finger at her face and said he objected to being described as if he was a “mean and grasping runt comedian”, possibly a reference to the tax affairs of Jimmy Carr. He added: “I will not be lectured to by a jumped-up public school girl like you,” saying, with another jab: “I will not have it!”

Penny, 25, a columnist for the New Statesman, continued, but Claire Fox, director of the Institute of Ideas think tank, stood up and said to her: “You started it, you called him a racist. It is intolerable.”

Penny replied: “He is a racist.”

Fox said: “You are a disgrace to women and you are a disgrace to the left.”

As the session ended, Tim Novis, the chaplain of Wellington college, came to the stage to prevent further trouble, followed by Starkey’s boyfriend, James Brown, who ushered him away.
So we have a gay conservative defending white wimmin against predatory Muslim gangs, a radfem defending predatory Muslim gangs, and a leftist woman betraying the sistahood. LOL. WHAT A CLUSTERFUCK. This has pretty much made my day.

Laurie Penny is indeed an intolerable bigot, but I don't know if she's a "disgrace" to the left so much as an exemplary model of it. Listening to her, you are left in no doubt that she holds everyone she is speaking to in contempt. Being a little rich girl, she is of course isolated from (and thus clueless about) the consequences of mass immigration on working class neighbourhoods and communities. Like most middle/upper-class communists (her Twitter handle is 'PennyRed'), she doesn't know, and doesn't want to know, how the workers actually feel about things.

All Starkey is really arguing for is that new migrants should be expected to assimilate to British law and customs - which was UK immigration policy from Windrush right up until 1997 when New Labour pursued multiculti instead. And as Starkey has previously pointed out, that didn't really work out so well for anyone. Even Labour are now admitting that they fucked it up on immigration. Starkey is vindicated!
- Mojo

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