Friday, 16 November 2012

I am a Paleo-Game cultist.

Someone calling himself (or rather themselves) 'Dudes' posted a link to my article calling out The Black Pill for being deep cover feminist trolls on The Black Pill's latest post.

AlekNovy first responded by calling me a conspiracy theorist in cahoots with their other critics, which is itself a conspiracy theory:
It’s not the first time. Conspiracy theorists are good at one thing, creating conspiracy theories.

We even had a running joke here, when we used to say “Barbarossa is a Rockafeller operative who hired Black Pill to create a massive super-paralel computer running thousands of sockpuppet accounts on autopilot”.

Again, when someone is an ignorant piece of shit, and they run into cognitive dissonance (the facts don’t add up in terms of one conspiracy theory the bought) —> they just invent a newer conspiracy theory to place on top or instead of it.
Then White & Nerdy (aka The Black Pill) labelled me a member of the Paleo-Game cult, even though one of my main criticisms of him is that the Paleo-Game cult is an invention of his own mind:
This seems pretty similar to something at Hawaiian Fat Blob’s blog where he started with vague unsubstantiated accusations of government/elite propaganda agents in the manosphere. In that case, they didn’t name me or this blog by name like the like above did. However, it is interested that all of a sudden the Paleo-Game Cult is taking the approach that anyone who disagrees with them is a troll or a government propaganda agent.
I never accused him of being a government propaganda agent. My assumption is that he(?) is a feminist working to discredit the MRM. Feminists =/= government propaganda agents.

'Hawaiian Fat Blob' is apparently the name they give to Hawaiian Libertarian. Very clever nickname.

W&N is displaying many classic traits of a paranoiac. His response to someone pointing out that there is no evidence for the existence of the evil cult he believes is persecuting him, is to accuse that person of being a cult member. I suppose there could never be any legitimate refutation of the Paleo-Game cult's existence, since anyone who doesn't think it exists is by necessity a member of the cult trying to deceive W&N.

Since it is impossible to refute the existence of the Paleo-Game cult, I might as well own the label. I hereby admit that I am a member of the Paleo-Game cult. W&N has uncovered our secret plot to infiltrate MRA spaces and talk about diets and other subjects tangentially related to men's rights.
- Mojo

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