Thursday, 15 November 2012

I am the man that Ferdinand Bardamu was.

In Mala Fide is closing down. This upsets me more profoundly than the death in the family a couple of months ago.

The man behind the pseudonym 'Ferdinand Bardamu' is moving on with his life - or rather, his life has moved on, and he has chosen to pull the plug rather than keep on posting inauthentically.

The long list of congratulations/commiserations is testament to In Mala Fide's draw. It offered something to everyone who rejected or was remotely skeptical of political and moral orthodoxy. Where else on the internet could you find MRAs, PUAs, HBDers, traditionalists, Catholics and nihilists all congregating to discuss the same material?

The opponents of these groups like to pretend that they're all elements of the same far-right bloc, but the truth is that the aforementioned hate the shit out of each other. Hence comment threads on Ferd's site would typically degenerate into slanging matches between the different 'sides.' The only thing they have in common is that they are targeted by the system for not blindly acquiescing to its pretty lies - for not being content just to watch Western civilization go down in flames without either kicking up a big stink about it, or finding some way to turn our new, maladjusted mores to their advantage.

The demise of In Mala Fide has convinced me to start blogging, because my life hasn't moved on like Ferd's has. 'Ferdinand Bardamu' - whoever he really is - is a few years older than myself. In Mala Fide began three years ago, when Ferd was making the transition from underemployment hell to cubicle drone hell. I'm right at that point where he was when he started his site: stuck in a low paying, barely rewarding, part-time job, struggling to find new employment and with motivation more generally.

I should mention that I went to university for four years and graduated top of my class.

Yes, I have been lied to. Academic success does not equal prosperity after all. And while bankers and politicians enjoy the bonuses they awarded themselves, I'm stuck with substantial debts. It's not totally hopeless. I'm up shit creek, but I do have a paddle. At least I actually have a job and a roof over my head.

But egad, is it ever tough out there, employment-wise. That we are still suffering recession is of no concern to big media, of course. Week after week, I happen upon another "man up" hit piece, written by commissars and demagogues who have no idea what it is to struggle uphill against the idiocy that their own system endorses.

(Apparently, fat-shaming is bad because it will just encourage fatties to eat more food, thus exacerbating the problem. Yet, shaming men about their porn, video games and underemployment will transform Peter Pans and neckbeards into productive citizens and the very models of masculinity, amirite?)

Fuck it. I don't need their sympathy or encouragement, and never have. That's what being a man is actually about - triumphing over adversity through your own exertions. And I will pull myself up by the bootstraps - and I won't forget everyone who tried to beat my ass down on the way up. Liberals, conservatives, feminists, politicians, the mass media - they're all part of this system that runs on envy and hate. This system that crushes individuality to pieces, that censors real freedom of thought and expression. This system of empowered weaklings who persecute those that have no need for it, those who could stand tall on their own, casting busybodies and bureaucrats into shadow.

It's a system of shit. The shitsystem.

Ferdinand may be past all this, but I'm not. And the end of IMF has inspired me to write.

Just to be clear, I'm not intending this to be any kind of replacement for IMF. For one thing, I'm not even one-tenth of the writer that Ferd was. For another, I don't have the energy or patience to run a major site or 'hub' for the alt-right blogosphere. No, this is just going to be my personal blog, where I anonymously bitch about things (and ideally, work towards solutions).

I welcome all kinds and all creeds here, so long as you too have a beef with the shitsystem. I don't even particularly care what that beef is. Traditionalist, anarchist, anti-feminist, white nationalist, whatever: I say come one, come all. I don't necessarily endorse your worldview, or agree with what you say, but I still want to hear it.

- Mojo the Neckbeard

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