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The Black Pill: deep-cover feminist trolling?

I've been aware of The Black Pill blog for a little while now. It always struck me as an oddity in the manosphere, since its author White & Nerdy is supposedly an MRA but all he does is pick fights with other manosphere sites.

He is incredibly hung up on what he calls 'the Paleo-Game cult,' which doesn't really seem to exist. Basically he's upset that other people in the manosphere, some of whom are MRAs and some of whom are not, sometimes talk about things other than men's rights activism, such as diets and Game. He also complains about people in the manosphere discussing conspiracy theories, which is ironic since he believes there is a cult of people deliberately trying to stifle debate about men's rights by introducing other topics. The overwhelming majority of manosphere sites must by definition belong to this 'cult,' including genuine activist sites like A Voice for Men.

The recent closure of In Mala Fide led W&N to conclude that 'the Paleo-Game cult' is doomed:
This is nothing less than the beginning of the end of the Paleo-Game Cult. Soon we will see the end of other Paleo-Game sites.

Why is the Paleo-Game Cult starting to unravel? It fails to produce results. It makes a lot of promises that you will be healthier and get laid that just aren’t true. What has been keeping it going is a combination of an attempt to make money off the cult by selling paleo diet and game books and DVDs and doubling down with more insanity.
Except for the fact that Ferdinand Bardamu talked about a lot more than Game, and barely ever mentioned the Paleo diet. He was also quite critical of PUAs on occasion. And I don't remember him selling diet books or DVDs at any point.

At first I was content merely to lol at this comment by Porkmonster:
You and your cocksucking stooge, Alek Novy, have got to be the biggest retards on the entire web. The Paleo-Game cult???!!! Are you fucking serious???!!! A cult of people who have a specific diet and who prank on girls???!!!

Well I guess thank God for the Internet so we can connect with fucking losers like you who see conspiracies in dark shadows in the living room.

You just keep paying Mom rent for the basement you inhabit.

Of all the losers in the manosphere, you and Novy have to be the most worthless, useless excuses of hominids I have ever encountered. Fucking bigfoot hunters are more worthwhile than you.
But given further exchanges, and my reading around on different sites, I have come to the conclusion that the Black Pill blog is a false flag operation run by a feminist (or feminists, plural). Why would any genuine MRA - why would anyone who is acting in good faith - name their blog Omega Virgin Revolt (its original name)? That seems like anti-MRA stereotyping right there, taken to a ridiculous extreme. The implication is obviously that the MRM is a 'revolt' of virgin neckbeards.

Since then, it has changed its name to The Black Pill, which doesn't seem so anti-MRA, but if you think about it, it really is. The concept of the red pill was taken from The Matrix, and applied to the manosphere at large by several major writers. The idea is that we see through the matrix of bullshit and lies that the blue pill takers (i.e. most people) believe is reality. You don't need to be an MRA to take the red pill - the concept applies broadly to everyone in the manosphere.

W&N, however, has tried (and failed) to popularize the idea that the red pill is just another blue pill, and the real red pill is the 'black pill,' which only a small number of people in the manosphere have taken. The rest are presumably still believing in illusions. All this does is divide the manosphere. Just think, if you were a deep-cover feminist troll in MRA territory, what's the smartest thing you'd try to do? Probably try to fracture the burgeoning movement, by introducing a concept like the 'black pill,' which creates an us vs. them mentality within the enemy camp, and destroys the unity inherent to the red pill concept.

One of the more rabid anti-Game posters, AlekNovy, had the following to say on W&N's post:
And here’s the funny thing WE FUCKING GIVE THESE PUBLICATIONS THE AMMO. They’re not making it up from scratch. There’s a ton of MRA sites and blogs linking to these fucking pua, paleo, ufo, rockafeller-killed-my-dog conspiracy theory websites.
Maybe that's because some MRAs are also interested in things besides men's rights? It's not a conspiracy just because men sometimes talk about other things. Alek and W&N are the only ones insisting that MRAs conform to a one-dimensional stereotype and only talk about men's rights. Which lends further credibility to my suspicion that they are deep-cover feminist trolls.

AlekNovy continues:
Now anyone can go back to the comments between 6 months ago and 2 months ago, and see what I said about the coming implosion of the paleo-game cult.

You’ll swear that alek must be a fucking prophet.

I responded with the following punch to the face of common sense:
Ferdinand Bardamu closing his blog (and White & Nerdy’s conjecture) is not evidence of an “implosion” of a cult that doesn’t even exist.
AlekNovy got very defensive, insulting me and accusing me of being a cultist who will commit suicide before the end of the year:
How much money you want to bet that in the next 6 months Mojo will either commit suicide or leave his past cult in embarassment and change all online identities in shame, once he wakes up from what a fucking idiot he was?
I decided to turn the tables on Alek and W&N. Since they accuse everyone in the manosphere of derailing by discussing anything other than men's rights, I figured the same criticism could be made of them for focusing so much on being virgins:
What cult? I’m not a member of any cult.

Isn’t what you and W&N do basically a virgin cult? I don’t mean that as a shaming tactic, but the name of the original blog is ‘omega virgin revolt’ and you have an entire category called ‘dangers to virgin men.’

I’d say you have a preoccupation with your own virginity which could be considered cultlike. Have you ever thought that perhaps MRAs and PUAs would prefer you kept that sort of thing out of their sphere? It just makes them look bad (like guys who can’t get laid), and leaves them open to attack.
AlekNovy responded by saying that you don't see feminists giving each other dieting advice. I guess that's true, but it would be an improvement if they did (as opposed to promoting "fat acceptance"), so I don't think he has much of a point.

A bit further down, a commenter named Grizzly left the following:
I predict Chuck Ross from Gucci Little Piggy is next. He’s pursuing a serious freelance writing career now. He’s changed his author name from his real one Chuck Ross to a new one Chuck Rudd. He removed a section of his blog called Blacks Behaving Badly. I think Black Pill is right. Writing is on the wall.
Holy shit, he changed his online moniker. Writing is on the wall. Except he clearly linked his 'Chuck Rudd' name back to all his previous work as 'Chuck Ross' on Gucci Little Piggy, so he's obviously not trying to hide anything. As for removing a section called Blacks Behaving Badly, I think that's the sort of thing you do when graduating from anonymous blogger to serious freelance journalist. Stop viewing everything as a conspiracy.

As if that wasn't enough, check out this post, which is linked to on the front page:
What is civilization? There are many definitions of “civilization”, but IMO the most important definition of civilization is controlling female behavior, all of which acts against civilization. Civilization was created as soon as ways of controlling female behavior were developed.


Feminists know unconciously that civilization is the greatest threat to the power of women. Civilization was developed by men, not women. Women are only along for the ride because sex and babies can’t happen without them (for now). Every advancement in science and technology is a threat to women.
What is this crap? Look, I'm all for anti-feminism - mostly because feminists deny the existence of (and in some cases exacerbate) male disadvantage. But this pushes beyond the bounds of what is believable anti-feminist discourse. Obviously, if there is no civilization, then there are no checks and balances on female behavior. But then, there are no controls on male behavior either, and in the state of nature, the most physically powerful rules through strength alone.

It wouldn't even be enough for women to be protected by some men from the predations of other men. Without the physical and social infrastructures that can only be maintained through civilization, there would be nothing resembling women's liberation - no birth control, no mandated child support, no public sector employment. This state of affairs wouldn't resemble feminism in the slightest. In a genuine state of anarchy, women are basically fucked.

"Every advancement in science and technology" a threat to women? What about the machines that eliminated drudgery? What about the pill and IUDs? What about vibrators? What about all the advances in women's health?

Civilization was indeed developed by men, and it has provided women with all the comforts they presently enjoy. I'm anti-feminist because I want feminists to stop attacking men, and perhaps show a little gratitude - not because I want the next technological leap forward to involve the elimination of women!

But that's just what W&N is suggesting here, and that's why I just can't believe it's for real. There is too much that is suspect. Ask yourself - do you really think that a blog named Omega Virgin Revolt, which has the elimination of women as the subject of one of its core posts, is for real? Do you think this represents genuine men's rights? What about the fact that no other blog in the manosphere is even remotely like this?

As John the Other recently pointed out, MRAs don't actually talk about killing vast swathes of people, nor do they issue violent threats. The only people who do this and are sincere about it are radical feminists and equally misandric "trans activists," who apparently issue death threats against the radfems. I'll admit that I wouldn't shed a tear if radfems and the freaks who say things like "die cis scum" started killing each other off. But personally, I wouldn't issue a violent statement against members of either group. All the MRA blogs I read are the same way, apart from W&N's. That right there is a big clue that he's not really an MRA, but a feminist troll trying to discredit the movement from within.

Back to W&N's rantings:
The Paleo-Game Cult want to regress into animals. They literally want to to revert back into chimpanzees.
O RLY? Either an omega virgin blogger has uncovered Heartiste and Roosh's secret plot to turn into chimpanzees, or this is an obvious attempt at trolling.
Here we have another example of how the “blue pill” (feminists) and the “red pill” (the Paleo-Game Cult) are both feminists. Only the black pill stands in opposition to the feminism of both groups. Only the black pill believes in civilization.
Here we have W&N once again trying to create a fissure in the broader manosphere. The 'black pill' is false flag feminist bullshit, and I am done talking about it.

- Mojo

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  1. I'm a 39 year old man with Aspergers syndrome. I'm like you, I just want to be left alone & not shamed & demonized by liberals, feminists, "alphas" or anyone. I believed in the Blackpill blog until recently when I realized it's just a pro-ultra liberal(like almost everything on the f---ing internet) feminist site. I was given shit there recently for correctly pointing out that it's the liberals that run the misandrist feminist machine and that dismissing conservatism entirely isn't going to be very helpful for men's rights, and then I got this shithead response from "ybm":

    "the majority of the misandric laws in your country are at their root, a product of the misplaced anglo-saxon chivalry promoted by your conservative right-wing. Alimony, Rape-Hysteria, VAWA, IMBRA, just a small sample of legislation designed to protect the “wimminfolk” from the big bad men."

    Notice the shaming, saying "YOUR right wing", "YOUR country"(I didn't even reveal any political party affiliation nor did I talk up America) and then using "wimminfolk" as if to back-handedly infer that I would use that sort of term, being a conservative(because you KNOW all conservatives are fucking retards from the South right?(sarcasm)).

    Anyway, I let them have it, and now they seem too scared to talk since nothing has happened there in 2 days. I think they're getting that people(even "dorks" with autism like me) are onto their shit.