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Fuck white nationalists.

Loathe though I am to attack anyone on my blogroll, especially those who link to me, thus providing me with sweet, sweet traffic (the electronic ambrosia that all narcissists bloggers seek), the time has come for me to say a big fuck you to the white nationalists among us.

Look, I'm a contrarian. I am naturally inclined to question, to satirize, and to cynically tear down other people's efforts - most of all whatever society, and especially the state, declares to be truth. But any unfalsifiable belief with a significant following - otherwise known as a cult - is fair game for my poison pen.

First, let's discuss what we agree on. Let's talk about political correctness. PC is problematic, because in establishing one unquestionable truth, alternative views are stamped out, either through state coercion or social pressure - hard or soft control over free thought and expression.

As an individualist, I rebuke the suggestion that I or anyone else should simply fall in line with any belief whatsoever just because it's what the crowd thinks. I even have an problem verbalizing assent to popular mantras that seem reasonable - equality of opportunity, for instance - because all the people who speak enthusiastically about these things are dead-eyed zombie stormtroopers, little Eichmanns congenitally predisposed to obey their masters and zealously attack anyone who jars their precious worldview by having an independent thought.

I hate them.

If you can understand that, then you'll understand why I was open-minded towards those who stood against multiculti and open borders insanity. Yes, whites are being depopulated and/or 'race-replaced' within their own countries by left (and right)-wing governments and NGOs intent on destroying white cultures. Yes, the mainstream media deliberately upholds racial double standards, routinely covering up for black flash mobs. Yes, government departments fudge the stats to make it appear that black crime is lower than it is, and claim that whites need to be disadvantaged through "affirmative" action because society is RACIST.

All of this is true and more. The anti-racist lobby, which government and society looks to for moral guidance on all issues of race, consists of the most virulently racist people on the planet - hypocrites to a man, they hold a deep hatred for Caucasians that by far outweighs white historical prejudice.

That's all true, and, to a point, does justify white nationalism. White people have the right to defend themselves, to secure their existence and their future - just like every other race of people. Nobody questions the right of black people to secure their existence and future. It would be un-PC to suggest that black people don't have every right to do this. The same holds true for every race except for whites.

And yes indeed, if you're white then you can't bring any of these issues up without someone pointing fingers at you and shouting DAS RACIST. Here's how the establishment typically deals with these matters:

It's the zealotry and hypocrisy of the establishment that made me add a bunch of white nationalist blogs to my blogroll - I want to hear other views, particularly heretical ones. I suspect the establishment has decreed them heretical because they disseminate their own truths, which threaten to undermine the official narrative.

Everything I've talked about above is true enough and worthy of outrage. But then we get onto the white nationalists themselves.

You guys are a bunch of fucking fruit loops, and you go too far.

When you're criticizing the system for being racist against your people, about the dumbest thing you can do is to commit the same offence. I took Metapedia off my links list when I realized it's just anti-Jew shit, and not the kind of alternative encyclopedia proposed by Mencius Moldbug.

The last straws for me were the following comments at Mindweapons in Ragnarok. Ryu gives insight into how his white utopia will be administered:
Alot of people want a white ethnostate without wanting what its going to take to achieve and maintain it. It will be a military state, as the rest of the world opposes it. It will be totalitarian, in our favor.
Mindweapon on Jared Taylor's tolerance for miscegenation:
I sure disagree with him about outlawing race-mixing. I would outlaw it, and the punishment would be deportation. Actually, in my ethnostate, race mixing would be all but impossible, but anyone who did it would be deported to some rainbow state.
I had hoped that white nationalists weren't just neo-Nazi boneheads, but here they are gleefully plotting new, racially pure, totalitarian regimes.

If your ideal society doesn't let me speak my mind and fuck whichever consenting adults I please, then you've already lost me.

Speaking of which, the other reason I can't really abide white nationalists is their following mantra:
Because the beauty of the White Aryan women must not perish from the earth.
You can try to tell me that feminism is an invention of the Great ZOG and those poor, misandric white women are just brainwashed idiots, but that doesn't really make sense when you consider 1) white women are grown adults who make their own decisions, and are accountable for making bad ones, and 2) Judaism itself is becoming increasingly feminized.

Nobody is brainwashed. How individuals behave is ultimately a matter of personal choice. Needless to say, I'm not about to join you in your moral crusade to save the beauty of the White Aryan woman. I'd rather reap the benefits of immigration and deep-dick Asian hotties, if it's all the same to you. Which, of course, it's not. But fuck you, so there.
There's a very good reason why white nationalists don't need to feel guilty about popping covert boners over Eastern babes like Misa Campo: their own women are easily tempted by black men. I don't mean white women; I mean white nationalist women. Here are some quotes from white nationalist women, that Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech preserved:
Sorry, fellas – it’s not women that have to please you – you have to please, and lure in women.
Yup. It’s true. My 9 year old nephew has better social skills, than do 90% of you.


As a White American Woman. Who talks to a lot of other White American women. Who have HAD IT with snarky, juvenile, insulting socially-cretinous WN men.


Many, many of the comments reveal the precise nature of the problem – the boorishness, childishness, and social inpetitude of American males.

Once again, fellas – the onus is on YOU to please women. Not the other way around. Ghetto Negroes have better wooing, and flirtation skills, than so many White males. A lot of you guys are beyond pathetic. You really have nothing to offer females of any Race. A lot of you have very little money, and you are not as physically attractive as you flatter yourselves to be.
Somehow, I don't get the feeling that these particular white nationalist women are outliers. And yet white nationalist men will continue to supplicate to them.

To be a chivalrist in an age of female sexual licence is to ask to be cuckolded. And that's why I could never belong to a movement so strongly reeking of betatude. I am sure that the white nationalist preoccupation with miscegenation is really a fear of the black man/white woman pair bonding. Check out Ryu's comment at Eradica:
That’s been one of the biggest changes I’ve seen in myself since becoming a WN – a visceral reaction to white women with men of other races. I believe that this “disgust” is one of best tells for checking if a man is a WN or not. It’s like a giant middle finger in the face of the white man.
Strangely enough, I don't feel that a black man with a white woman is a giant middle finger in my face, but I suppose that's because I'm ZOG or a member of the Frankfurt School or whatever other ridiculous conspiracy white nationalists will pull out of their pasty asses to justify their claims.

There's also the fact that white nationalists want white women to trap white men with 'oops' pregnancies, which, as a man, I find abhorrent. It's pretty obvious that white nationalists have no actual regard for the autonomy and liberty of white people whatsoever - at least, not for white men.

It doesn't matter to me whether it's feminists or white nationalists who make me pay child support for a kid I didn't want - the end result does not work in my favor. Speaking of which, the Women's Ku Klux Klan was basically a precursor to modern feminism in its language, ideas and action, and the WKKK and Suffragette movements were heavily connected - not something you'll ever hear a third-wave genderslut admit to, obviously.

A friend to misandry is no friend of mine. It's a shame, because some of the basic white nationalist ideas make sense, but the people behind the movement are just as deluded and cultlike as the activists responsible for radical multiculturalism and open borders immigration policy. The tipping point for me is that, as one who is prone to scepticism regarding received wisdom, I would not be tolerated in their totalitarian white utopia.

- Mojo

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  1. I'm glad there are hate groups that even you oppose.