Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blocked from IMF. Gee, thanks Ferd. [UPDATED]

I tried to post a link to this blog on IMF yesterday, with a note stating that Ferd's departure has inspired me to start writing. The comment didn't show up right away, so I assumed it was in the queue to be approved.

Today, I find that, not only has my comment not been approved, the trackback to my first post has also been denied.

As if that kick in the face wasn't enough, Ferdinand Bardamu has specifically banned me from commenting on the post again. lol overreaction

When I go to the bottom of the comments thread, there is no box to type in, and a message saying that the comments thread is closed. Yet as I checked back throughout the day, more comments came through - including replies to comments made since I saw that message.

I logged onto IMF using a proxy, and my suspicions were confirmed: the box appears. The comments thread isn't closed.

Ferdinand did this specifically to me, and I have absolutely no idea why. But hey, thanks a lot, Ferd. I thought maybe I could use the news of your departure to launch my own blog and get some traffic this way by posting a link in the comment thread. Instead I get my face spat in by a guy whose writing I openly admire. lol overreaction

UPDATE 6/8: I was able to post on IMF today. See Ferd's comment on this post for the not very interesting story behind why I couldn't before.

- Mojo the Neckbeard

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